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What is the difference for samsung lcd of quality?

Original Brand new full original Sourced from Samsung factory
Original change glass Used full original but the glass is broken, everything is original but only change a high copy glass
Original Self-welded Original lcd + copy glass+ original flex, factory assemble the complete.
External touchpad
(on the glass but lcd)
We do not sell external touchpad. Reason:
1. unstable quality.
2: More thick than original LCD.
3: Short working life.
OLED BOE (JDF, JinDongFang, 京东方) We do not sell BOE glass. Reason
1:Small display size.
2: Unstable quality.
3: Uneven display.
4: The proportion of the glass is different from the original.
Visionox (GX, GuoXian, 国显) Visionox glass has higher saturation and more vivid display, and the brightness is more uniform.
EDO (HH, HeHui, 和辉) Some of the models will have EDO glass which have uneven brightness and color.

TFT Cooperat TFT The difference between our TFT and other TFT:
1: The thickness is relatively close to the original
2:higher saturation and more vivid display
3: More uniform brightness.
Market TFT

The comparision of thickness between original, OLED and TFT: 
TFT close to the original thickness is more conducive to the installation